4 comments on “12 days of Christmas- I discover Guilty Crown is as bad as people say it is

  1. It sounds like I haven’t been reading the right articles: this is the first negative post I’ve read on the show. One day I’ll end up watching it, but your article has dampened my enthusiasm enough to place several shows ahead of it. 🙂

    Your comment about fight scenes not being enough to carry a show reminds me of Jubei-chan II: Attack of the Siberia Yagyu, which stands as the sole exception to that rule. All that series had going for it was the fight scenes. Oddly enough, these are some of the best fights ever animated, so one can get through the bland characters, stupid plot, and lame attempts at humor knowing that a mesmerizing fight scene is around the corner.

    • We’ve obviously been hanging in very different circles, my friend. Mostly everyone I know shares my views on this marvelous mess of a show!

      Surely if fight scenes were enough, you could simply watch a wrestling match and save yourself plenty of time? : p

      I watch anime hoping to be provided with a coherent, interesting story, containing at least a couple of characters I care about, as with any medium attempting to tell a story. If anime, or a book, or a film, does not contain these things, perhaps because it has devoted itself to making its fight scenes awesome, it is hardly a story, and I have wasted my time… But this is just my view

      • What you say is usually true, but I still persist in thinking Jubei-chan II’s the one exception to that rule. Anyway, if you ever do decide to watch it, I can promise that it’s excellent blogging material. The fun you’ll have ridiculing it makes up for the pain of how bad it is–and you’ll still enjoy the fight scenes. (Wrestling is not fun anymore, according to my brother. Must rely on anime. 🙂 )

  2. Yes it wasn’t the best anime, and i’m not trying to be a fanboy, but this criticism makes it seem like the author didn’t actually pay attention to the anime…”For example, why did Funeral Parlour bother rescuing Kido Kenji when he never did anything significantly useful?” Kenji’s void was able to stop time, aka they used him in the operation to disable the laser satellite (which failed yes but it was still a goal that he was needed in), etc

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