2 comments on “12 days of Christmas- I get annoyed with MAL, again…

  1. That’s why I like anime-planet: they often have the English title next to the Japanese one, which makes keeping track of the titles easier.

    Whisper of the Heart must have a really different Japanese title. First, Mimi means ear. Sumaseba means ‘if it is clear/unruffled.’ So, I suppose the most literal translation would be ‘if it is clear through/by means of your ear.’ Very clunky, which is why Wikipedia has it as ‘if you listen closely’. Must be an idiomatic expression.

    • Well websites, like businesses, should put ease of users first if they are to be successful, so something like this just makes no sense, having the title of shows in a language the large majority of its users have a limited understanding of seems counter-productive! Anime Planet seems to have the right idea, catering to both those who do not know Japanese all that well, or who know shows by their English names only, and those who might want to know shows’ Japanese titles…

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