10 comments on “12 days of Christmas- I struggle, and come to terms with my backlog

  1. Glad to hear other people getting into Binding of Isaac. I was really into that a couple months ago, and only stopped after I got everything. I understand how addicting it is.

      • Satan can be annoying for sure. You really just need a lot of health and damage, and his left and right shots are easier to dodge for me. If nothing else works, try to pick up a powerup that slows enemies, like Gish. Then his shots can’t actually reach the other side of the room.

  2. Haha yes, Binding of Isaac… great game!
    I’m guess I’m lucky that no game has ever bitten me with addiction. Even when I played WoW; I used to play so sad levels of playing… Like, all my freetime. So roughly 5-10 hours a day! For weeks on end! But then I’d jsut drop the game as easy as a click of the fingers…

    I want co-op Isaac >.>

  3. I feel your pain :p, and that game is actually really good and addicting indeed, Btw have you been keeping up with the progression of SAO? its amazing :0

    • Isaac has ruined my life! T.T
      115 hours and only 63% of all trophies!!

      I have no watched a single episode of SAO, which is just as well, as I’ve heard it’s awful…
      But once I’ve cleared my backlog, I’m thinking of going back and watching some shows from this year I didn’t get ‘round to seeing yet, so what about it have you enjoyed- you could end up changing my mind about not watching it!

      • 115 hours o.o wow, Well I think you’ll really like SAO due to the fact that you’re surely a gamer :P, I’ve enjoyed every episode while not complaining about them following a repetition of events. All the characters are great and the story goes really deep for each and everyone of them, its a love story jam packed with drama and action and people die which makes it very very very interesting. It definitely made my top list.

      • Hmm… I found shows like Genshiken and Welcome to the NHK enjoyable because I could relate to the gamers on some level, like having people shun you for loving video games, or getting addicted to a game, but less so HACK (which has a very similar premise to SAO). I wasn’t familiar with the HACK world like I was familiar with the characteristics of the gamers in Genshiken and NHK, so it may as well have been just a fantasy story- a genre I am not all that buzzed about.

        Do you think I should give it a go regardless?

      • SAO is nothing like Hack World in my opinion, just give episode 1 a shot, its all it took me to get on the fan wagon 😛

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