3 comments on “Shin Sekai Yori episode 14- Guns don’t kill people, people do

  1. The odd thing about gun possession, however, seems to be that certain countries where many people own guns have lower crime rates than where people are forbidden to own them. My favorite example of a country with plenty of guns and a low rate of crime is Switzerland, where every male 19 – 34 years old is in the militia and required to keep their equipment in their homes–including fully automatic weapons! Then, you have countries like Great Britain and Australia which were better off before they banned guns that at present. I suppose that indicates that the fear of injury due to the probability of an intended victim being armed does a better job of suppressing the dark side of human nature than taking away lethal weapons. But, I suppose the next test of this theory will be to see how the crime rate fluctuates in New York after Governor Cuomo’s ban.

    But, this article is yet another reminder of why I ought to watch this show–need to finish Blast of Tempest (aka Zetsuen no Tempest) first though!

    • When I wrote this post I was thinking of North America, a country with incredibly lax gun laws (at least in comparison to some other countries), and a very high crime rate. But if Switzerland, a country that also allows its citizens to possess dangerous weapons, has a low crime rate, perhaps the high rate of gun crime in the states is due to other factors? It being a very individualistic culture, for example. Being encouraged to put yourself first may well bring out the bad in some…

      You’re not watching this show yet!? What’s keeping you!?

      • Alright, I promise to watch Shin Sekai Yori tonight before going to bed. 🙂

        I think there are two factors which cause a lot of crime here: 1) illegal drugs and 2) gang violence. If one could eliminate these things, the crime rate would hopefully go down even further than it has already. Crime in this country has been in a steady decline for about thirty years now, with only one year having a slight rise in crime.

        So, we’re doing pretty good despite the fact that one wishes crime were lower. And in a recession, no less!

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