4 comments on “Why 2018 Is a Great Time to Be an Anime Fan

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  2. I agree, we really are living in a fantastic time as anime fans where the medium is more accessible, more varied in choice, and, again just like you say, still high in quality. People do like to look back in nostalgia on the shows of past decades, but they shouldn’t overlook some of the real gems that are still being made today. There are shows like Rakugo, Land of the Lustrous, Made in Abyss, and From the New World that can already be considered classics in their own rights. And then there are the remakes like Yamato that take a masterpiece and somehow make it even better and more forward thinking. I’m excited to see how else the anime world will improve and grow over the years.

  3. And yet there are still so many people who insist that things were better “back in the day”! I suppose it’s just easy to don a pair of nostalgia goggles and let all of the mediocre shows of the past fade into obscurity with the passing of time!

    I haven’t got ’round to watching Land of the Lustrous or Rakugo yet, but I definitely will at some point!

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