18 comments on “30 Day Anime Challenge – #1 My Very First Anime

  1. Wow. Going back to real childhood there haha!

    30 day anime challenge for me was truly… a challenge. In fact I cheated the game where I had instead spent months drafting posts xD

    • Yep. Though my love of Pokemon has definitely persisted well into adulthood. I still buy all of the games (despite telling myself every year that I’ll stop) and collect the cards.

      That’s alright! I’m sure that nobody will hold that against you!

  2. I was able to watch Dragon Ball before Pokemon 😀 Although I didn’t know what Anime was at the time! XD
    I had a blast doing the 30 day Anime challenge and I hope you also have a lot of fun! To be honest I cheated my way throught it since most of the times I couldn’t just pick one Anime for the challenge ahah
    Other thing… Your blog is really neat! I love the theme!!! :3

    • My family was poor, so no Cartoon Network and no DBZ for me! Ha, ha!

      Thank-you very much! I’ve actually recently come off of a very long hiatus, so I hope that you’ll check out some of my future posts!

      • ahahah I can relate to that! Dragon ball passed in a open channel here in Portugal! 😀

        Looking forward to it! ^^

  3. Awesome. This is the second 30-day anime challenge I’ve seen recently. There’s some overlap, but enough different categories. Adding it to my to-do list. Now, if I can just find another ten, I can make a full year challenge… 😀

    • Hello! Thank-you for liking so many of my posts yesterday! I hope that you’ll continue to enjoy my content!

      Are you hoping to make a year long challenge? That’s quite a commitment! Ha, ha, ha!

      • I was looking into it. I’ve done a couple of year long challenges and they can get a little annoying. Maybe I’ll just look at doing a different challenge every now and then.

        I’m definitely doing an alphabet one through 2019 where I’ll watch an anime starting which each letter of the alphabet every 2 weeks.

      • Oh and I forgot, I am currently in the middle of what I suppose is a 3 year challenge. I’m watching an episode of One Piece everyday until I’ve caught up. There’s 800+ episodes currently and I’m at 284.

      • Whew, that’s brave! I’ve seen a couple of hundred episodes of One Piece myself, but finishing it just seems way too daunting!

      • That’s why I’m doing in small daily chunks. I could have watched the whole thing so far this year, but that’s all I would have watched. At least this way I can keep up with other shows.

      • No. I missed all the big shonen series. I have them on my list of stuff to catch up on at some point. I figure if I can get through One Piece, the others will be easy…

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