9 comments on “Watashi wa bucho!! Three Months On. How Am I Doing?

  1. Well. It is 2018 so I will hand over this overrated tip I have for every bloggers out there:

    Make memes. Make more memes and wait to see the profit!

  2. I’ve genuinely enjoyed the style of your posts. They read easily and are easy to engage with.
    If you would like more interaction on your blog, maybe interacting with others’ blogs is the easiest way to go. We bloggers can get shy about commenting on a stranger’s blog for the first time. XD Oh, and if you happen to like tag posts, doing those really help you get to know others and get yourself known!

    • Thank-you for the encouragement and for the advice. I’m thinking about launching a project soon – my very first one! I’m a bit nervous about how it’ll be received, but I hope that it’ll be fun and that it’ll help introduce me to some more bloggers!

      • Sounds exciting! I won’t be reading blog posts that actively this month, but I’ll certainly look forward to that!

  3. I don’t think your posts are too long – there are some bloggers who write thousands of words’ worth and still get reads because it’s the thought that counts. A short wordcount keeps posts snappy and easy to read, after all.

    Like Moya says, interacting + tag posts can get you noticed by other bloggers. Other ways you could go about it are collaborations with other bloggers (people have done posts on how to go about the collab process, so just search them up) and interacting with blogger communities on social media (if you want to stick to Twitter, Moya’s hosting the July Jon Spencer Showcase…that’s one example, anyway). However, if you’re just craving a slice of interaction without putting in too much effort, you can ask a few questions at the end of every post. So long as questions aren’t too far off the post’s subject matter and you pick thoughtful open-ended questions, readers will be happy to answer them.

    • Thank-you so much for your encouragement and advice! I think your tips were really solid! Thanks for taking the time to give me such a thoughtful answer to my questions.

      I would love to write some collab posts sometime in the future and I actually have a tag post currently in the works, so we’ll see how we go from there!

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