5 comments on “Ty Reviews Assassination Classroom

  1. I really need to finish watching this series! I remember I began it, got halfway thru season one and then had to stop for adulting reasons. But I enjoyed it so much, and there are so many things about this series that make it multi-faceted. Wonderful post!

    • Thank-you very much! Hopefully my post encouraged you to pick it back up. I didn’t have high expectations for it going into it, as it’s a fairly popular show (and I’ve come to distrust popular shows), but I was pleasantly surprised by just how moving and enjoyable it was! Its popularity is warranted for sure.

      • I’ve also come to distrust popular shows. I actually caught it before the hype got super nuts, and then maybe the hype made me hesitant to pick it back up. But I plan on finishing it soon. I could use a show like this to help me feel good. 🙂

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