16 comments on “Character Spotlight: Sasuke Uchiha

  1. Yup, got no patience for Sasuke’s broody, selfish personality. Really hated how everything was about him, like the conflict of the story literally centres around him at several points, but he can’t be bothered. That said, he was an excellent example of complexity and character development, like you explained. I did love his story but yeah he’s just not a likeable character. I haven’t finished the series yet but I doubt there’s any significant difference towards the end. (What I hated even more than his personality was how Sakura was so inexplicably, unhealthily obsessed with him. UGH.)

    • I hated Sasuke for The Longest Time (nearly 10 years, to be exact). Like you said, he’s broody and selfish, not to mention he treats his friends abominably! They are literal saints for forgiving him so readily! But now I think he’s probably more deserving of pity than hatred. I’d encourage you to finish Shippuden someday. I’d be fascinated to hear if it changes your opinion of him any!

      • I’ve been following the series since it’s early days but fell behind bc I switched to the manga (missed a few chapter releases and then just never caught up). Definitely will finish it but will restart from the very beginning.

      • I started 10 years ago. It took me the best part of two years to get up-to-date, but I fell behind again after I had had enough of filler! I restarted Shippuden just over a year ago. It was great, reliving its best moments, but, boy, I did not enjoy slogging through that filler again!

      • Not true at all. I suggest you rewatch part 1. Sasuke was a genuinely good kid before he was mindfucked by Itachi. Mulitiple times was willing to sacrifice his life for Naruto and Sakura.

        He actively never sought out to harm them. They were the ones who unnecessarily chased after him despite him telling them to mind their owm business. That’s not his problem, thats their problem like leave him alone.

        The only time he attacked them was kage summit arc where he had totally gone insane with all the betrayal and lies and Danzou and the truth about Itachi, and even then, again, Sakura was the one who came their to kill him. He never sought her out to harm her.

        Naruto forgave Nagato, who destroyed his village, kiled his sensei, and everyone, fucking Obito killed his parents, Sasuke has done nothing in comparison to that. In fact, Sasuke has not killed anyone close to Naruto. Gaara tried to kill Naruto and Sakura both yet Naruto forgave him. Neji almost killed Hinata. If all these people can be forgiven, why not Sasuke?

      • He never sought out to harm them in any way, he only asked them to mind their own business. Now how is it his problem that they chase after him?
        Try to put yourself in his shoes. He was forced to watch the slaughter of his family multiple times when he was 7 by the hands of the person he loved the most. Then when he was beginning to heal at 12, his bro showed up again, broke his wrists, ribs, again mindfucked him and asked him to kill his best friend for mangekyou sharingan. He was in coma for a month. Despite that he chose not to kill Naruto.

        Guess what, he was the one defended Naruto when Sakura badmouthed him for being an orphan even after Naruto hogtied him to kiss Sakura, he was the first one who offered Naruto lunch, he was the one who gave his life up to save Naruto from Haku’s needles, complimented Sakura, saved her in fod, offerer to give up his own life to save them against Gaara. When he got the curse seal, Anko said he must be in so much pain he should be dead.

        How would you feel if you got to know your own country made your brother kill your parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, everyone you know and make your brother take the entire blame on his shoulders, scaoegoat him. I wonder how many people would remain sane after taking so much shit.

    • You should read the manga. Your Sasuke is fannon Sasuke. Cannon Sasuke is very different from the bs written in fanfictions.
      Sasuke was never abhorrent towards Naruto, far from it. The first day they are put in a team together, Naruto hogtied Sasuke, beat him up out of nowhere to kiss Sakura. Yet when Sakura badmouthed Naruto for being an orphan, he stood up for Naruto. In bell test he was the first person who offered his lunch to Naruto. He asked Naruto for help to climb trees but Naruto refused. He saved Naruto from falling from the tree calling him his nickname ‘usuratonkachi’. The thing is, Sasuke is a tsundere. He jumped in front if Hakus needles to protect Naruto, willing to die for him. He compimented Sakura upon noticing her insecurities before chunin exams. He acknowledged Naruto’s strength after forest of death. When he tried to supress the curse mark, he thought of Naruto and Sakura. When Gaara ambushed Sakura with sand, he told Naruto to take Sakura away and was willing to die for the sake of their safety, because he never wanted people close to him die again. When Itachi showed up, his first instinct was to run for Naruto, not his revenge. It was only after Itachi beat him to a pulp and mindfucked him into a coma for a month that he realised he was too weak. Even then Kakashi had almost convinced him, the sound 4 showed up to beat him up.

    • That is a Sakura problem, not a Sasuke problem. How is it his fault she is obsesses over him? He never asked anything from her. Find a single instance in the manga where Sasuke has demanded anything from her.
      He is far from a jerk.
      If someone’s own brother makes them watch the slaughter of his entire family/ hundreds of people multiple times, told him he was not even worth killing, he was left alone to cope with all this all on his own, isn’t it realistic for such a person to have mental problems? He was 7 yo when this happened. And he used to love his brothet to pieces. Imagine the amount of confusion and betrayal he felt.

      And then he got bitten by a psycho snake pedo who wanted his body, Anko literally said the amount of pain he went through was enough to kill anyone. He was hospitalised. Then his bro showed up again, beat him to a bloody pulp, choked him, tsukuyomi him again to relive the night of massacre and asked him to kill his best friend for mamgekou sharingan. That jerk still chose not to kill Naruto for ms when he could. H

      Later on he gets to know his entire life was a lie, that his brother was actually manipulated into killing everyone by Danzou, that his village had made his brother kill babies and children and put all the blame on him. How can anyone cope with all of this shit? I find it only realistic for such a person to go insane.

      And go watch part 1 and see how many times Sasuke the jerk was willing to sacrifice his revenge and his own life for Naruto and Sakura, against haku, oro, gaara, itachi. While Sakura the saint told the guy whose family was murdered that Naruto was lucky to be an orphan. Yeah, I see, she totally loves a guy she knows jackshit about.

      • Greetings.

        I never said that Sasuke was beyond forgiveness. As a Christian, I think that nobody is beyond forgiveness. BUT forgiving somebody doesn’t mean that you have to like them!

        I agree that Sasuke has been through some traumatic stuff, stuff that I couldn’t even begin to imagine. That being said, I don’t think that a traumatic childhood justifies his desire to wipe out an entire village, women and children included. No matter what has happened in somebody’s past, they need to be held accountable for their actions in the present. Again, that doesn’t mean that Sasuke’s beyond forgiveness, but there has to be consequences for one’s actions (though, in part due to Naruto’s mercy, Sasuke was never really punished for his actions).

        You say that my analysis of Sasuke is wrong, which is fine, you’re absolutely entitled to your opinion (and it’s super cool how passionate you are about him), but I just wanted to point out that my analysis was based on my decade-long experience with Naruto, Naruto Shippuuden, and the manga that they were based on. To date, I’ve not read a single Naruto fanfiction. So, whilst our opinions may wildly differ, they are both based on the same source material.

        Finally, Sasuke being cruel, warped, and unwilling to forgive (that is, until Shippuuden’s finale) is not a Sakura problem. His unkind treatment of her is also not her problem. That’s kinda like saying that a victim of domestic violence is at fault because they are intense, annoying, or any other reason. Again, I really think that Sasuke needs to be held accountable for his own actions.

        Though I don’t share your views, I really appreciate you dropping by. Once more, it’s really cool how passionate you are about Sasuke. I respect that. 100%. And whilst I’ll never be head over heels for him, like yourself, I will concede that he’s a great character who performs several very important functions for this, one of my favourite anime of all time.

      • Again, I never said he shouldn’t go to jail or be executed for his crimes, nor do I say he is justified in killing everyone in Konoha. Never did I day anything he did was justified.

        Calling Sakura a victim of domestic violence is so ridiculous it’s not even funny. It is completely false.

        In domestic violence, two people are in a relationship where other person controls their life and abuses them. Sakura and Sasuke were never in a relationship. They were not even allies. You might as well call pain an abuser of Hinata.

        Sakura was about to betray her village and abandon her parents to go to orochimaru with Sasuke, but he stopped her. Sasuke stopped Sakura from being a criminal.

        When was he unkind to her?When she hunted him down to capture him and then attacked him in orochimaru’s hideout and he attacked back? Or when she again hunted him again to kill him with a poisoned kunai and he attacked her back, seeing through her facade? Or when she again tried stabbing him in the back with a kunai and he attacked her back?
        And the fact that she is a shinobi and a paid murderer herself, how is she remotely kind when she gets paid to kill people? She supports an establishment of paid mercanaries and herself plots to kill people. How is she a beacon of kindness when she jumps in happiness at sasori’s death, not even acknowledging sasori as an enemy worthy of mourning? How is she remotely kind when she thinks children who are orphans are losers? How is she remotely kind when she thinks your crush not liking you back is as painful as being a genocide survivor?

        This is the problem. You guys try to paint Sakura as a victim, which she isn’t. She is a ninja by her own free will, she choses to hunt Sasuke at her own free will, she tries to kill him at her own free will. Nobody forced her to do any of this. Domestic violence victims don’t have a choice. They don’t hunt their abusers down when the abusers themselves are trying to run away from them. Abusers force their victims to lives the way they want them to, when did Sasuke ask Sakura to chase him? When did he go to her to beat her? When did he ask her to come hunt him?

        When did Sasuke plan to chase Sakura down and kill her or capture her? All he asked her to do was to mind her own business. It’s like calling Naruto a victim of domestic abuse and calling Nagato his abuser.

      • Domestic abuse victims are trapped in a relationship where their abusers and don’t have a choice. They don’t stalk their abusers, they don’t hunt their abusers down, try to control their life, plot to kill them, attempt to kill them.

        Abusers don’t run away from their victims. Now look at this situation, Sakura, a paid Konoha mercenary chases Sasuke, hunts hin down, plots to kill him, attempts to kill him and fails.
        Sasuke, a rogue ninja, runs away from Sakura,doesn’t want to do anything with her, again runs away, asks her to go away, again asks her to stop chasing him, again asks her to mind her own business, when she tries attacking him he attacks ger back. Since he is a better ninja, he totally stomps her.
        And they are not married, not in a relationship, not even friends, not even allies. They are clearly enemies as he is a missing nin.

        If anything, he saved her life twice in fod btw during chunin exams and stopped her from being a criminal like him.

        Now tell me one thing, how is it Sasuke’s fault that Sakura hunts him, chases him, doesn’t leave him alone, plots to kill him, tries to stab him? Is Sakura an innocent civilain girl who he chased to kill? If he attacks a ninja who tried to kill him back, awww poor sakura is abused!!!!!!! Victims of abuse are paid murderers!!!!!!!

  2. Very interesting. I have a great dislike for Sasuke as well, so it was interesting to see you make him out to be a great character. I agree with you, but I still dislike him. >< Nice points!

    • As I said in my post, it’s possible to be a jerk, but still be a great character! Villains are a great example of this principle in action!

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • This analysis is actually incorrect. If you read the manga, rewatch the part 1, don’t self insert into Naruto and Sakura you’ll see Sasuke is a genuinely good person. The problem is we see things from Naruto’s pov, but we don’t get Sasuke’s pov. So ofc most people misunderstand him. Sasuke was never abhorrent to Naruto.

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