11 comments on “Why, as a Woman, I’m Loving Summer ’18

    • Good, dumb fun can be enjoyable in small doses, but something like that does seem a bit degrading towards women… Although, saying that, I haven’t actually watched the show myself…

      • TI think both genders had their fair share of fan service when ya..yuri on ice was airing along side keijo XDD.

      • They aired simultaneously? Now that I did not know! Ha, ha, ha! So long as fan service is dished out equally, I’m happy! Like, it’s always bugged me how, in video games, you can often unlock alternate costumes for the women (like swimsuits), but not for the men. Where’s the fairness in that!? Stick the men in bikinis too, I say!

  1. I’ve seriously got to catch up with summer 18′ anime; it sounds like I’ve seriously missed a lot!

      • That what I try to do, so I just end up watching a load of fantasy and comedy!

  2. I’m enjoying Phantom in the Twilight. It started fairly weakly and I wasn’t sure I liked Ton as a main character, but she’s grown so much and was a fantastic hero during the last episode.

    • I couldn’t remember which show that was, so I looked it up on MAL… It looks as though it hasn’t been well received so far! Mind if I ask what else, aside from Ton, you like about it? I’m always on the lookout for new shows to watch!

      • I started it because of the supernatural element but the first couple of episodes were a bit rough in how they just kind of dumped us into the world and the characters all seemed like they were just going to be one note. Since around episode 3, the show has really done a lot to flesh out both the characters and the world so that it is starting to feel fairly solid. The weakest part is still probably the plot as a lot of stuff happens because it seems to need to rather than because of logic, but it is really fun to watch.

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