2 comments on “Lessons Learned from Caterpillar Girl and Bad Texter Boy

  1. It is actually up on MAL, but you know MAL and having to list things in Japanese haha https://myanimelist.net/manga/111983/Imomushi_Shoujo_to_Comyushou_Danshi

    But yes, I read this a while ago, and also yep, it’s an unexpected fave! I don’t think I liked how it particularly ended (I didn’t feel like it was executed well), but overall it’s one of the best manga I’ve read this year. Just keeps making me think about a lot of things with relationships and how they can go. Despite the caterpillar girl premise!

    Thanks for writing about it! Hope others can give it a shot too.

    • That’s so strange, because usually, even if you enter the English title into the search bar, it will bring up what you’re looking for, but that wasn’t the case in this instance. Anyway, thanks for bringing that to my attention!

      I liked how CGBTB ended, even though it made me super depressed! I think if a book, movie, or show succeeds in making you feel something, even if that something’s sadness, it’s a great piece of fiction. Especially if it’s a book/manga, as it can’t use sound to appeal to your emotions!

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