17 comments on “Ty’s Top Picks for Fall 2018

  1. Tsurune is on my autumn watch-list too. I’ve never seen an anime about archery before so I’m pretty curious.

    • Me too! I think sports anime have really grown in popularity recently, there are so many now! So it always piques my interest to see that we’re due to get one about an obscure or less popular sport!

  2. I’m not going to say you should add the Slime show to your list if you’re set on having a small list, but from what I read of the manga (thanks libraries!) it was surprisingly funny and neat. Might be a surprise favorite this upcoming season.

  3. Looks like you’ll have an interesting watch list. I don’t mind a glut of fantasy or isekai shows (while they are seldom brilliant they usually entertain which is more than I can say for some of the shows I picked up this season). So I’m kind of looking forward to the new season and hopefully one or two of the new shows ends up rising above expectations.

      • My favourite would be Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, though the one I had the most fun with is Is It Wrong to try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon. Both have their own issues, but both are great fun to watch.
        As a general rule I don’t go into an isekai expecting to be blown away. I go in just wanting a good time and to have a bit of fun. If the show manages to make me emotionally invested in its characters (like Grimgar did), or manages to really makes me sit up and pay attention at certain turning points (like Danmachi did) that’s all I really want out of this particular genre. Pure popcorn viewing really.

      • Maybe my problem is that I’m going into anime, all anime, that is, with expectations that are too high! I’m never fully satisfied with a show unless it toys with my emotions, challenges me on an intellectual level, or plain old wows me. But I’ll accept that it’s unrealistic to expect that of most shows!

      • I’m just looking to be entertained. The occasional story that does wow me is always appreciated in any medium, but as long as I’m entertained I’m pretty happy with that as an outcome.

  4. I’m a bit afraid with how excited I am about the archery one.

    I’m also still loving Banana Fish I finally caught up and this show is giving me feels in all the right places.

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