8 comments on “Ty’s Top Five Guilty Pleasures

  1. Ben-To looks fun to watch!! xDD. I remember dusk maiden!, even though I haven’t seen it in ages I really enjoyed it. Yeah, the “mystery and horror” wasn’t the strong point and yeah agree Teiichi isn’t a strong lead.

    • If you haven’t seen Ben-To yet and you’re a fan of wacky comedies, I’d definitely recommend it! It’s not best-show-ever-material, but it’s fun, easy to watch, and got a good few laughs out of me!

  2. Ben-To was a blast to watch! Dusk Maiden of Amnesia… until the last few minutes, it had an amazing impact. The whole thing with the pad of paper was so effective! But the end kind of undid it for me. Still, for the impact it had until that moment, I can absolutely see why you included it!

    • I actually wrote a review of Dusk Maiden a couple of years ago. It included the following sentences:

      “[Dusk Maiden’s] finale seemed to want to convey that, no matter how much you love somebody, you cannot escape having to eventually part ways. A shockingly bleak message for a show in which boobs made honking noises when squeezed. It’s a crying shame that the show rescinded that message during its very last moments.”

      So, yeah, we’re definitely on the same page.

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