6 comments on “Character Spotlight: Izuku Midoriya

  1. Midoriya is a fantastic character and his development has been one of the best things to watch in the show. I also love that they didn’t give him a tragic backstory and that the insecurity he suffers from at the beginning comes from perfectly understandable and relatable events such as being bullied and people generally expecting very little from him. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the character.

    • In much the same vein, Spider Man’s my favourite non-anime hero, ‘cause he’s just this dork who does what he can to make ends meet, is relentlessly bullied, is useless with women, and wants to do well at school. It just so happens that he also has these amazing powers! I want a hero who can overcome the same/similar challenges that I wrestle with. That’s somebody who I can really admire!

      Thanks for reading my post!

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