7 comments on “Why I’ve Finally Decided to Drop Shows

  1. I think it’s impressive that you’ve never dropped an anime until now! I have a thing about dropping anime so I don’t do it often and only do it if it’s insanely bad and I just don’t care about the show. I’m not surprised that Black Clover was anime to break this long tradition. I started it when it came out and my stubbornness won’t let me finish it until I hit the 50 episode mark and then I’m done with it 😂 so I’ve began using it for background noise whilst I work on other stuff and the episodes just go by! 🤣 I think this is a good move and hopefully you can do some more stuff that you feel passionate about again! 😄

    • I waited until I hit the 50 episode mark to drop Black Clover too! Ha, ha, ha! How strange!

      As I said in my post, part of the reason I wasn’t dropping shows was to impress other people, but you’re probably one of just a few people to have ever said that you’re impressed by that, so it’s probably best that I stop inflicting terrible shows on myself and just watch the ones that I, at the very least, enjoy!

      • Haha yes how funny!

        Yes I am! I do think that’s a pretty impressive thing to be able to do honestly! Yes I think it’s definitely for the best, it’s always better to just enjoy yourself and enjoy what you’re watching! That’s the most important thing really! 😊

    • So Texnolyze was your first? I can appreciate that. It never really gripped me, either! I much preferred its sister show, Lain, even though that was pretty slow-paced and introspective too.

  2. Honestly?? I’m surprised that you held out this long with Black Clover lol 😂😂 I hardly ever drop animes myself either…no matter how bad they become. This was a very rare exception though. Asta’s voice….ugh…it was so annoying 😅😅 Maybe one day I will return to this one, but I very much doubt it. Sometimes I do wonder why I keep watching certain shows when there are so many other good animes out there. But it’s hard to drop things though…😊😊 Great post! And I think you made a very wise decision 😊😊

    • It’s not just Asta’s voice (though that definitely plays a part)… It’s that, rather than try to push the envelope, it adheres to all of the shounen anime tropes that, personally, I’ve grown tired of over the years… It’s that, rather than try to excel in any way, it is, instead, mediocre in every way… Low quality animation, unlikable, unmemorable characters, and boring, tired storylines…

      Anyway, I’m glad that you enjoyed my post! I know that it can be difficult to drop shows, especially if you’re not in the habit of doing so, but, as you said, there are so many awesome shows out there, why waste your time on the time wasters?

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