9 comments on “Ty Tries the One Liner Challenge!!!

  1. Poor Man’s Geass!? I died laughing! Ironically, I thoroughly enjoyed that show despite its shortcomings and the original score was simply breathtaking! I am honored by the shoutout! Thank you! (^_^)

    I will be raising my staff to accept this challenge as well!

    • You know, I’ve been meaning to re-watch Guilty Crown! Part of me suspects that I may have gone too hard on it the first time ’round. When you read one too many negative reviews about a show, it’s easy to go into it with a critical mindset!

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    • Nearly every single anime set in or featuring England, like Magus Bride, Hellsing, Jojo, Blood+, is full to bursting with monsters. Kuroshitsuji is no exception to this weird trend!

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