4 comments on “Character Spotlight: Tooru Oikawa

  1. I really appreciate this anime because it makes you care about the rivals just as much as the main team. He is a big part of that. You tend to feel a bit sad when the rivals lose and that shows a great building of character.

    • I think that the same can be said of a lot of sports anime, Chihayafuru, Free!, and Hanebado! immediately spring to mind. I suppose it’s to make you even more invested in the games being played?

  2. Well…I can’t really say much about this anime/character as I haven’t watched this. ( I honestly have to admit that I am not a huge sportsanime fan…sorry 😅😅).
    But still enjoyed reading your post, and I don’t think you are terrible by the way, so there is nothing to worry about 😊😊

    • I’m not a fan of sports irl, but adore sports anime! I think watching characters passionately pursue something that they love holds appeal regardless of whether or not you are interested in sports!

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