8 comments on “30 Days of Anime – #18 My Favourite (Female) Supporting Character

  1. I share your opinion on Bleach. Yeah, it has its problems (ugh, especially the manga), but it had such a permanent influence on my young self that I was still shouting a kido chant in my dream a few days ago!
    Yoruichi is one of Bleach’s most charming characters.

      • Oh, I was mostly thinking of the parts of Bleach leading to the end, which the anime didn’t get to feature.

        My favourite character is Captain Ukitake!

      • Sounds like I dodged a bullet!

        Ha, ha! I always liked Captain Ukitake too. His personality was so calming, it was almost serene! Bleach had no shortage of loud, brash characters, so he made a pleasant change.

  2. I completely agree with you in terms of Yoruichi! She was one of my favorite characters back then and it was partially because she was a dark skin, yellow eyed heroine! A lot of Bleach characters had wonderful personalities that were kinda cast to the side due to Kibo’s storytelling. (He did give of moments though.)

    • Yoruichi’s beautiful, dark skin definitely set her apart from other anime characters, that’s for sure (I’d love to see more diversity in anime)! But her personality and winning grin are just as irresistible!

      Which Bleach character was your favourite?

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