9 comments on “Ty’s Hidden Gem Series – Gankutsuou

  1. I have seen many adaptations of The Count of Monte Cristo…but I didn’t even know that there was an anime adaptation until I read this post. As usual, you have managed to really write a terrific post about it. This one really sounds interesting, and as I love the tale that Dumas wrote, this is one that I hope to check out one day 😊😊 Thanks for sharing this, and your thoughts on it 😊😊

    • Thank-you for always having something nice to say about my posts, Raistlin! It’s always a pleasure to host you here on WWB!

      I’m so glad that I was able to introduce a few people to this classic! It’s an adaptation that does its source material justice while, at the same time, distinguishing and setting itself apart!

    • Gankutsuou’s a classic that, unfortunately, has slipped into obscurity over the years. It’s always immensely satisfying to introduce that kind of show to other people! You’re right that it’s cool, it’s got so much flair and style! You can find it on Crunchyroll, so please give it a go someday!

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