12 comments on “30 Days of Anime – #20 a Character Who Gets on My Nerves

  1. I also hate the guy. Admittedly, I did ‘support’ him early on but after he killed all the detectives, nope no that’s going too far. Let’s hope L managed to capture him instead… which he didn’t…

    • I know that Death Note’s finale was also pretty divisive, but I think that Light got what was coming to him – a lonely, pathetic, coward’s death.

  2. I really love Light as a character as he is an interesting exploration into some of the ideas you mentioned (arrogance, etc). Now if he was a real person, I’d absolutely detest him, but that doesn’t stop me loving him as a character for the choices he makes within the story.
    I will say though that when it comes to Misa, she kind of got exactly what she deserved given she forced her way into a relationship with a guy who made it clear he had no interest in her from the first moment he met her. While Light treats her horribly, her own choices are just as much to blame and she really should have removed herself from that situation but instead she just kept going back for more. Actually, I really can’t stand Misa. She really just annoys me because of how many really stupid choices she makes throughout the series.

    • Oh, sure, a character can be a terrible person, but still be a fantastic character. Agree with that 100%

      I enjoyed getting your perspective on Misa, though I don’t share your views. I agree that her decision to pursue a relationship with Light was a poor one, but that doesn’t stop me from pitying her. I think that, regardless of her stupidity (which I won’t debate), her love for Light was pure and immensely strong (strong enough to follow him into death, even). I think that Misa also demonstrated affection, bravery, and self-sacrifice on several occasions. All redeeming traits – and all ones that Light lacked.

  3. This might come as a total shock, but I haven’t seen the Deathnote anime yet 😱😱😱 Yep…I’m horrible lol. But of course I do know about it, and have even seen the Japanese live action movies, but just haven’t gotten around to watching it. Hopefully some day 😊
    A character that annoys me to no end is probably Asta from Black Clover. As soon as he opens his mouth with that grating voice of his…I just zone out lol. I held on for about 13 episodes, and then I just decided I couldn’t stand it anymore and quit watching it 😂😂

    • That does come as a shock! I feel like, as a gateway anime, Death Note’s one all die-hard anime fans should have seen! Not that I’m questioning your credentials! Hell, I haven’t seen Dragonball Z, so who am I to talk?

      Grating’s a good word, since listening to Asta is like taking a cheese grater to your ears – physically painful! Did he have any redeeming qualities? I watched a good 50 episodes of Black Clover, and I don’t think so!

      • Haha…well there are probably more shocks when it comes to the animes that I didn’t watch yet. There has been a time that I hardly watched any anime…so that might be the reason lol. Blogging got me back into anime, thank God 😊
        Lol…and no, I don’t think Asta has any redeemig qualities either 😂

  4. I can understand where you’re coming from. The points you’ve given are very clear and very understanding. I Thought Light was okay and the show was able to capture the sin of him. I think my only real problem was that he changed from normal to sinister way too quickly. really enjoyed reading this post =) .

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