19 comments on “I, Too, Am a Neat Gal

    • And now that I have a bit more time to reply, (clears throat)
      I love your answers! 🙂
      Cats do have it purrrrretty good. Of course, I’d be a wolf, so that might make you my next meal, but, still! 😉
      Flight is the most common answer I’ve gotten to that question. I imagine we just like being free. I’d be a shape-shifter, so flight would be one of many things I could do! 🙂
      Education, very neat! Indeed, it used to be that schools provided lessons on the things kids didn’t learn at home and could use to live better lives. Now, kids hardly learn anything at home in the first place, and kids learn selected academics instead of skills. Myself, though, I would tackle the worlds deserts, make them green and growing so we can grow more food and the communities within would be less insular and isolated.
      Niiiice choice on historical figures! 🙂 Heh, I’d actually meet George Washington, Vlad Tepes, and… hm, I may have to think on that one a little more. 😛
      As for the children: yes, yes, and MORE YES. Soooo much yes! I cannot agree enthusiastically enough! 🙂
      Oooh, teleport! Me like!
      As for your wishes.
      First: my condolences, and my prayers.
      Second: very smart.
      Third: very wise.
      I’m glad I tagged you. 🙂

  1. Oh, you are such a kindhearted soul killing the goblins with love. I hope we can turn them all to little love goblins. 🥰 I have a bit of a hang up perhaps on goblins what with Goblin Slayer and red goblin and now when you mention orcs I begin to understand why I am so fascinated by them. Goblins have always fascinated me, thus my questions. Oh, and Deku yes! very good choice. 😍

    • I haven’t seen Goblin Slayer. From what I’ve heard it doesn’t treat its female characters very well, so I don’t think I’d like it. That aside, I am curious… What about goblins fascinates you?

      • Technically, it doesn’t treat *anyone* very well, but that hardly constitutes an argument in favor of seeing it. Some things, you just don’t want to let into your mind. And if I understand correctly, this is still the watered-down version, compared to the manga.

      • You’re right, equality in terms of poor treatment of characters isn’t much of an incentive at all! X D Watching a violent anime (where the violence is gratuitous) makes me feel crummy.

      • I normally have a hard time with mistreatment (do you say it like that?) of women but sometimes it has a purpose and in this case it needs to be there. I’m gonna guess what you heard is about the rape and use of women and it shows just how violent and evil goblins are. And that’s what fascinates me with the goblins in GS; their wild, evil, one dimensional ways. All they want to do is to reproduce and kill. I have always been fascinated by evil characters, trying to find out why and how they work and goblins are very simple, they have their goal set out and they achieve it.

      • I agree with you, sometimes the poor treatment of women in media does have a purpose – there’s no point pretending that it never happens irl! It’s when it’s gratuitous and done in such a way as to be sexy that it bothers me. Would you say that applies to GS?

        A fascination with why people do evil things is what first prompted me to study Forensic Psychology at university!

      • Oh no, not at all. It is brutal and violent. I have a hard time thinking that anyone would find that sexy or a turn on.

        Oh, you study Forensic Psychology, that must be super interesting. I have a dad who is a former crime scene investigator. He has worked with some of this country’s most prominent FP. It was very interesting when he told us about it or even when we actually got to meet them.

      • Sadly, people do. There’s a demand for it and that’s why we see it play out again and again.

        I studied it. Graduated a couple of years ago. I hope to go into the police force someday, but until I’m an American citizen, that’s out of the question! I’m sure that you’ve had some fascinating conversations with your dad! What a cool job!

  2. A tag!! Woo!! I’ll get to this in a few days! I don’t have much on my plate right now, so it’ll be easy. Love the answers you gave, and love the questions!

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  4. I think the goblins would be honored to have an ambassador of peace on their side, advocating for change in human/goblin relations. The goblins in Overlord were pretty awesome, only wanting a place to call their own. (If my memory serves me right). Thanks for the nomination!

    I am sure you will get those wings one day, and soar above the clouds. Just dont forget you jacket. I hear flying can get pretty nippy.

    • I’m such a soft touch! I don’t like hurting or killing even the smallest of insects, so of course I’m a big advocate for peace and love!

      I noticed after nominating you that you’d already been nominated (twice, was it?), so please don’t feel obligated to do the challenge again if you don’t want to!

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