10 comments on “What to Do If Somebody You Love Has Terrible Taste in Anime – a Survival Guide

  1. I found this hilarious, mostly because a certain someone in my life is responsible for getting me into anime as an adult (on learning I liked Sailor Moon growing up suggested a few titles and the rest is history) but our tastes in films, music, and more or less everything else couldn’t be more different. Over time we’ve both inflicted pain on the other through our choices of shared watches, but we’ve also found that magic combination of elements that both of us thoroughly enjoy and when one of us finds something that ticks all the boxes we grab the other quick and demand they watch together.

    • I’m glad that you enjoyed it!

      It sounds like you’re a master of compromise! Good for you! Sometimes it helps to have somebody whose taste differs so wildly from your own. They can introduce you to fantastic shows you’d never even considered trying!

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