7 comments on “12 Days of Anime 2018 – I Get Back into Blogging (And It’s Awesome)

  1. Blogging seems to be quite helpful to lots of people in different ways. I’m glad you feel fulfilled and are enjoying it so much! I look forward to your 12 Days of Anime posting. 🙂

    • I mean, blogging is not without its challenges, but, at least for now, it’s still an overwhelmingly positive experience! Do you mind if I ask what you get out of it? : )

      • I don’t mind at all 🙂 I actually wrote a whole post about it last week, but it basically helps treat my depression, anxiety, and ADHD, and helps to keep those things manageable on the worst days so that they aren’t as bad as they could be. It definitely has its challenges, as you’ve mentioned, and it was the reason I went on a hiatus. But the benefits (which I learned after the break) far outweigh those challenges for me. 🙂

      • Do you find that, Do you find that, as much as blogging helps with your ADD, anxiety, and depression, it sometimes aggravates them too? During those times, what do you do?

  2. Active participation in this hobby we all love is what keeps a fandom alive, so I’m glad I made the shift to a more analysis-based style of blogging (in comparison to the more regurgitation-based one I used in the past).

    Anyways, I’m part of the 12 Days and I’ve seen some people say they’re doing it too…but if you’re ever in doubt about whether someone’s participating, there’s always the spreadsheet…

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