10 comments on “12 Days of Anime 2018 – I Can Finally Call Myself a True Anime Fan

  1. This series has been on my life forever. I’ve seen parts of it throughout the years, but never the whole thing in its entirety. I’m stuck between reading the novels first or watching the anime, but whatever I choose, I think I’m going to make it my goal for next year. Thanks for this, its wonderful.

  2. I started to watch the remake (Is it a remake?) but it sort of got lost in the masses. Honestly, I found it a bit boring but that might be an issue of me not getting too far in. There were other stuff at the time. Anyway, something tells me I might like the original a bit better. I have a weakness for old anime and the story in itself is compelling. So thank you for reminding me to get to it. I already have a promise of watching One Piece but there will always be a little time over for others as well.

    • It’s a remake, yes! I’ve not seen the remake myself, but I would think it would struggle to hold a candle to the original, given that it’s reduced a 110 episode show to just 12 episodes!

      Having seen a good 200+ episodes of One Piece, I can tell you that LoGH does have more of an emotional impact, if that’s your thing!

      • Wow, they actually did that. As I understand it a lot of people like LoGH so it would have been logical to at least give it a two course or something. Not that it seems enough anyway but yeah, from a 110 to 12, that is hard.

        Emotional is good. I like it more that way actually. So, it seems to be something for me maybe. Next year, I’m gonna watch so much old anime (I am a sucker for the old ones so it fits the profile for that too).

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