9 comments on “Character Spotlight: Takeo Gouda

  1. This show is so pure. I love watching it. He is such a sweetheart and I think it is a nice show to not focus on how other look and how different people are all beautiful. Or maybe my last thought I looked too much into it haha.

    • I don’t think you’re reading too much into it! Interestingly, there were a couple (not many) characters who might have looked good on the outside, but were rotten on the inside. Same as irl. Appearances aren’t everything.

  2. Takeo was such a great character to spend time with. He wasn’t the brightest, but he had an absolute heart of gold and was just so sweet and funny. A nice guy but not in a boring way. I’d love to see another season of this show because all of the cast were just well written.

    • I used to find overly nice characters so boring, but there’s so much negativity in the world now, I’ve actually begun to find them refreshing! My Love Story!! is like a breath of fresh air!

      • Besides, there’s more to Takeo than just being nice. He has a definite code of honour and that gets him into trouble at times, and he also has struggles and challenges to overcome. They make him interesting without making him angsty or overbearing. Great character and just fun to watch.

      • I think that’s what sets Takeo apart from other nicey-nice characters. Sure, he prefers to see the best in other people, but there are definitely some behaviours he will not tolerate. He’s not open-minded to the point where it falls out!

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