5 comments on “Danganronpa and Talent. Is Exceptional Talent Really All That Matters?

  1. I’m not a Christian, but Sir Betrothed is (they’re a pastor actually!) and we’ve had so many conversations about forgiveness, and some of the other themes you’ve mentioned here that are in the Bible, which then made me realise that the Quran also has very similar teachings. So, I appreciated you chatting about that a bit and making those connections. 🙂 I absolutely love this franchise and I don’t think I’ve read a review on it that has been as amazing as yours. Thanks for it!

    • No, thank-you! Sometimes I worry that I sound too preachy when discussing my faith, but it’s something that means the world to me, so I like to talk about it! And I think that even if my readers and I believe different things, we can still treat each other with kindness and respect!

      It’s cool that, whilst your fiance and you might believe different things, you’re still able to find some common ground like that!

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post. The Danganronpa kids are immensely talented, whereas my talent, being able to name all 150 original Pokemon, is considerably less impressive! That said, I’d much rather be a healthy, mature, and well rounded individual than a talented one any day!

      • I understand your fears! I feel that way whenever I brine up being a Shin Buddhist and add elements involving that with some of my posts.

        A lot of people tend to find it hard to believe that we have different faiths yet have a healthy relationship. I think it has to do a lot with us having mutual respect for one another and the parts that make us inherently individual, or unique, if that makes sense.

        My talent is… the amount of milo I can drink in a day? The number of hours I can sleep in a day? Lol, somewhere around there. I think the talents they exhibit make the narrative super unique because I haven’t come across much like it, but it does a great job of showing how the pressure of those talents can also make the kids have lonely and somewhat empty lives as well.

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