4 comments on “Naruto’s Greatest Love Stories

  1. My husband is still trying to get me to watch this, and I loved the post that you made covering all the different types of love! This week sometimes people tend to forget them and it was a refreshing read.

    • It’s not everybody’s cup of tea. If you do, at your hubby’s behest, ever decide to give it a go, I’d recommend watching the first 50 episodes. If you don’t enjoy it after those 50 episodes, knock it on the head, because you’re not likely to ever enjoy it! That’s the point the show really starts living up to its potential.

      I’m glad that you enjoyed my post. I agree, romantic love is too, well, romanticised! Other kinds of love/relationships can have just as big an impact on our lives!

  2. Awesome post! Really enjoyed reading this especially that one about Kushina and Naruto. Itachi really broke my heart too after knowing his story – his unwavering love for his brother really stood out in this series.
    Was expecting a Naruto x Kurama one too and how he turned that creature full of rage and hate into becoming his most trusted ally, even though he had no choice cause it was inside him but you get my point.. 😂

    • The relationship between Itachi and Sasuke may be just as important to the series as the one between Naruto and Sasuke. It was responsible for so many of the franchise’s biggest storylines and plot twists and even gave us some of its most touching moments. It was so tragic how Sasuke (and us viewers) never really knew anything about Itachi until after he had died…

      Ooh, Naruto and Kurama… That’s a good one too! I love how Naruto transforms everybody around him for the better!

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