14 comments on “The Disappearance of Ty-chama

    • As much as I love blogging, my family, friends, and work (I say this third thing somewhat begrudgingly) have to come first. I don’t feel bad for prioritising these very important things, I hope that you don’t either!

  1. To be honest (since my vagueness when it comes to commenting on real life is hard to interpret), I’m going through a similar scenario but want to hold back on monetisation (if ever) until I’m sure I have money coming to me in other ways first. I’ve realised I’ve become blunter and angrier to fellow bloggers as a result of becoming a bit desperate on this front in the last few months, so I definitely understand the mental impact as well.

    Regardless, all of us bloggers’ll be waiting for you to come back, so…good luck doing whatever needs doing.

    • Thanks, Aria. The support and encouragement mean a lot! I’ve considered monitising my blog, but 1. it’s not popular enough to be a reliable source of income and 2. I think it’d put even more pressure on me to write (which doesn’t exactly get the creative juices flowing).

  2. The US is definitely a capitalist hellhole of sorts. I’m working very hard to get the heck out of here as soon as I can. I have a friend who moved out of the US and was finally able to find their feet financially speaking. So, I definitely understand how life can sprout up in more ways than one. I wish you all best with everything that you do, and whenever (if, even) you decide to return, I’ll be waiting. You’re awesome, good luck!

    • Where would you like to emigrate to? I moved from the UK. Whilst our government s-u-c-k-s, you do get to work fewer hours with more benefits. Not to mention that, thanks to the NHS, you don’t need to worry about being able to afford health care. My country is not perfect, by far, but I do kinda miss it… That said, I’m finally (almost) in the position to get onto the property ladder. This never would have been possible in the UK!

      • My best friend and I are thinking about moving to Canada. I know they want to move to Ireland one day as it’s their homeland, and I honestly wouldn’t mind it. The only other place I would move to is Japan, but that would almost entirely be a career move only as I’d love an opportunity to make documentaries about Japan’s culture and history, however it can be an expensive place to live and difficult to adjust to (depending on where you end up).

      • I get the sense that you’d fit right in in Japan! I’ve always fancied moving to one of the Scandinavian countries, myself. It seems like they’ve got a lot figured out (free education, free healthcare, low crime rate, etc.)

      • Thank you! All my friends have told me the same thing which just makes me want to go there that much more lol. And yes! They definitely seem to have their stuff together, which is amazing.

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