6 comments on “What Is so Darn Attractive About Gamer Guys Anyway?

  1. It is rare to be with someone who does have passion about something. It really can be attractive for others to see someone go all out for something. It also helps inspire you to do your best too. Those are the best kind of relationships.

    • This blog post was also, in part, inspired by my husband – a most devout gamer. I don’t always see the appeal in the games that he plays (especially the gorier ones), but I love seeing him get all excited about them all the same!

  2. I don’t know if I ever told you, but once upon a time I have been a very passionate gamer. It all ended after a truly awful match of Call of Duty (lol), but I loved games. These days though, I’m passionate about other things. But it honestly doesn’t matter where your passion lies with: I completely agree, seeing someone be passionate about something always brightens my day. Even when I don’t share the same interest. This was a cool and fun post! Great to see your writing skills are still as awesome as ever 😊

    • That must have been one hell of a bad game of COD to deter you from gaming altogether! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall that day! Ha, ha! Sorry to be replying so late, but I’m glad that you enjoyed this post! It’s been difficult to produce worthwhile content lately, so I really appreciate that!

      • Hi! Sorry for the way to late response. Unfortunately I had to go on hiatus due to my health, and that lasted way longer than I expected. But, things are getting better, and I am returning in about a week from now. In the middle of answering a lot of unanswered comments, yours is one of them😅
        Haha, yeah it was a really bad game of call of duty…but then again, there were so many call of duty games that were bad that it’s anger that build up in many months lol😂 Eh, I don’t miss gaming though, so that’s good!
        Hopefully you are still blogging! Can’t wait to check things out again, when I’m fully back! Take care 😊

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