5 comments on “Five Reasons to Watch Demon Slayer

  1. I’m still a little on the fence about Tanjiro. He’s certainly a potentially really good protagonist but I’m finding his personality probably needs to be given a bit more time to develop (or at least come across to the audience). That said, I’ll take him over the standard shouting protagonist any day. Really enjoying Demon Slayer so far.

    • In terms of SJ heroes, Tanjiro’s far more similar to Deku than, say, Asta or Luffy! And that’s fine by me! I love Deku! Out of interest, do you watch a lot of shounen shows? If so, which SJ hero is your favourite?

      • Definitely Ichigo from Bleach but Deku would make a close second. I’m not a huge shounen fan but every now and then one catches my interest and I get very hooked by it.

      • I never was a huge fan of Ichigo myself. I was always puzzled by how, after a short training session, he was able to best shinigami who’d been training literally thousands of years more than him! I guess I just prefer an underdog like Deku – ha, ha!

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