5 comments on “Character Spotlight: “Immortal” Sugimoto

  1. I’ve been reading through the manga series for Golden Kamuy (one of my all-time fave seinen serials now), and Sugimoto is a fabulous character. Originally he felt somewhat one-dimensional to me (when I first saw season one), but as I read the manga and been learning more about him, and seeing his interactions with other people, he’s got some depth to him. He’s turning into one of my favourite characters across mediums of all-time.

    • It’s easy to look at Sugimoto and just see a rough and ready meathead, but if you stick with the series, you’ll soon see that there’s more to him than that! I think it was the dried persimmon story that, ultimately, won me over. Who among us hasn’t wished they could return to a simpler time?

      How does the manga compare to the anime (if you’ve seen it)?

      • There’s a lot to him and I’m loving him very dearly! Definitely one of my faves of all-time.

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