6 comments on “Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 13 – There’s a Snake in My Blouse!

  1. Ayame’s never been a character I’ve clicked with but his importance in moving the tone this episode can’t be overlooked. I really enjoyed how this episode consolidated the characters we’ve met while introducing Ayame’s character.

    • Ayame definitely brought the fun! That’s something that I love about Furuba. It can get pretty dark and heavy at times, but it always follows up those moments with something uplifting. I think that’s how Takaya-sensei wanted her readers to feel walking away from the series: uplifted and encouraged.

  2. I love Ayame. He’s my favourite character from the series (one of them at least, lol) and when I saw his snake form in the opening, I legit screamed with fanhuman glee. I’ve been waiting impatiently for his appearance!! Him with Shigure (my other favourite character) is just *chef’s kiss* perfection lol. XD

    • I’ve been doing my utmost to contain myself when writing about Ayame and Shigure. They both make me weak at the knees, but I’ve gotta stay dignified, ya know? Volcanic hotness aside, they’re both fantastic characters. I never run out of things to say when writing about them!

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