4 comments on “Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 16 – a Most Fashionable White Knight

  1. There were so many great moments in this episode, like Arisa crying at the sight of Tooru in her middle school swimsuit. Or the gang of girls becoming enamored of Yuki and Kyou. Or Saki’s hair coming undone in the pool.

    “Given that Fruits Basket tends to follow light-hearted episodes up with darker, gloomier ones, the fact that, for the past two weeks, the show has been fairly light-hearted makes me pretty nervous about what might be in store in the coming weeks!”

    I’m feeling a little uneasy, too!

    • Hana-chan’s going for this horror movie extra aesthetic – and I’m here for it!

      Have you read the Furuba manga or are you an anime only fan?

      • Anime only, I’m afraid. I’ve read some magna, but I’m afraid to let myself get too much into them — they’d monopolize my time!

      • So you have no idea what’s coming as far as Fruits Basket is concerned? I’m not sure whether to consider you lucky or unlucky!!!

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