6 comments on “Ty’s Hidden Gems Series – Space Brothers

  1. It’s always nice to discover a few hidden gems once upon a time. Crunchyroll certainly has loads of them. I have been tempted a few times to try this one out myself, but so far I haven’t. After having read this post though, I think I you achieved that final last push I needed. Wonderful post: thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one😊

    • It’s immensely satisfying to unearth those hidden gems for my readers, especially when they decide to actually go and check them out because of the things you had to say about them! Thank-you!

  2. I’ve been stuck on episode 40 for a couple years now.

    I quite liked the story, the setting, the characters. But I found the pacing so painfully sluggish at times.

    I’ve thankfully discovered how to increase playback speed since, so I might get back to it. Thanks for reminding me about it!

    • You mean that you’d watch it at 2x speed? Aiyah! Can you really enjoy something like that? X D

      I’m happy to have given you a reminder, but don’t force yourself to watch a show that’s not for you!

  3. It is a cute show, but honestly I got little bored with it somewhere between episodes 30 and 40. It’s been on my on-hold list for a long time. I do plan to finish it… at some point… probably. xD

    • It’s a shame that you stopped when you did, since Space Brothers kicks things up a gear at around episode 40. But, like I told ramon3ljamon, don’t force yourself to watch a show that’s not for you!

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