7 comments on “Five of My Strangest Anime Crushes – the Girls

  1. “I’ve outed myself as a lover of complete and utter nutter” …Sorry but that sentence just seriously made me laugh! 😂😂 Well embarassingly I again don’t know any of these characters…(man I really need to have that one year sabbatical…😅😅). But…let’s see as far as female characters that are pretty nuts go I think I’m going for….Lum from Urusei Yatsura. She is tigerstriped bikini clad alien princess who shocks the boy she has a crush on/is destined to marry at the slightest hint where she thinks he might be cheating on her. Pretty much the craziest girl I’ve ever seen, and also one of the few comedy anime series that I enjoyed 😊😊

    • And, once again, I can’t help but envy all of the awesome anime you’ve still to watch for the very first time!

      I’ve never watched Urusei Yatsura, but I know exactly who you’re talking about (Lum’s kind of an icon)! I’ve always thought that she was super cute! Thanks for reminding me that I still need to get ’round to watching that show! Out of interest, what about its brand of humour tickled you?

  2. “No, it seems I have a disturbing (and somewhat embarrassing) predilection towards literal monsters, the mentally unstable, the arrogant or otherwise overconfident, or anybody in possession of a nice, fluffy tail.”


    Okay, maybe I’m way off base, but every character you presented here made perfect sense to me.

    Okay, maybe not Sawa Nakamura. But the rest?

    Of course you’d have a crush on them. Who wouldn’t?

    I mean, Holo, Rukia, and Teresa — they are amazing and beautiful and utterly intoxicating.

    “So there you have it! I’ve outed myself as a lover of complete and utter nutters.”

    Well, if you put it _that_ way, it sounds negative! I prefer to say something along the lines that amazing and powerful and beautiful characters, regardless of their position relative to social norms, are Sirens (in the sense of Greek mythology). To encounter them is to come under their spell.

    So I think it’s not only not nutters, it’s absolutely to be expected.

    Unless the novelty of their otherness is part of what makes them so attractive. If that’s the case, then by all means persist in the idea that they are forbidden and exotic!

    • I can see how the word “nutters” might seem derogatory, but, as a nutter myself, I meant it affectionately. As of now, I’m reclaiming the word and repurposing it for my own use!

      Anyway, I don’t love these women in spite of their “flaws” (for want of a better word), but, at least in part, because of them. I’m inexorably drawn (yes, like a sailor to a siren’s song) to Holo’s wolf-like cunning, Rukia’s surliness, Nakamura’s brokenness, Teresa’s ferocity, and Sabrina’s dark and disturbing aura. I hope that came through in my post.

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