2 comments on “Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 22 – in Which Ty Wants to Murder a Small Child

  1. ” Furuba can be so sickly sweet that when it does get dark (and it doesn’t get much darker than watching somebody pin down and take a lit match to your best girl), it’s shocking stuff! ”

    I think it’s _because_ Fruits Basket is so frothy at times that its darkness hits so hard. Do you remember the original M*A*S*H television series? It used comedy to setup a dramatic gut-punch. It was effective.

    But honestly? Not nearly as effective as this episode.

    Megumi makes me wonder if there’s something to reincarnation. He seemed like he was this 1,500 year old wise man dispensing wisdom.

    “The one thing stopping me from spiraling into complete and utter despair while watching Hana-chan routinely and brutally bullied was her family. ”

    The scenes with her mom and dad kept me from pausing the episode to re-center myself. They’re what parents should be. They don’t need to understand their child (whether it’s waves or autism, it’s all the same — an opportunity for good parenting). They just needed to love and support her. It was a relief to see them do just that.

    Thanks for sharing your feelings and thoughts about this episode!

    • I don’t know why Hana-chan’s parents surprised me so. I 100% expected them to shun their daughter… for causing them trouble, for not understanding her, for being so different… a myriad of reasons… Though I hope that I would act differently, were I in their shoes, I think that it’s just human nature to turn our backs on anything that we don’t quite understand (I’m not saying that that’s the right thing to do, but…). However, I was so glad to be wrong about them. Even though Hana’s parents are fictional, they helped restore some of my faith in humanity!

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