4 comments on “Say “I Love You”. – a Wholly Frustrating Experience

  1. I agree with you. The anime is quite frustrating because the developments that should have been there aren’t. I’m glad I went and read the manga because it was more interesting and the characters get the development and attention they deserve. Shame the anime just skimmed over it all.

    • It was kind of cool, seeing Mei and Yamato enter into a relationship so quickly (since that’s the point at which a lot of romance anime end), but it seemed like, once that happened, their development staggered along at an agonisingly slow pace…

      • That is true :’) First couple of episodes were not bad but then it felt quite slow and dare I say repetitive.
        One of the ways I’ve come to view Say I Love You is not as a romance but rather a story about different people learning to love themselves and recognise the supprt system they have around them. Romance just happens to be part of it. I think reading the story that way allowed me to appreciate it more. Especially the manga since it focuses on so many different relationships. :’)

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