3 comments on “So I’ve Changed My Mind About Dr. Stone’s Senku

  1. Now, to be fair, I was just guessing this was the route Senkuu was going to take! For all I knew, Gen’s guess about nuclear weapons might have played out instead!

    But for the sake of the show, I was glad to see Senkuu tend towards sustainability.

    And I love the description of “velociraptor-y.” Talk about not being able to unsee!

    Glad to see you’re posting again!

    • Well it was a good guess! Credit where credit’s due!

      For a second I thought you were talking about me (my real name’s actually Gen)! Ha, ha!

      Yeah, while my opinion of Senku changed a lot overall, I still think he doesn’t look “hero material”! Though if I were to try to argue that Senku wasn’t cut out to be a hero, that’d be a pretty shallow basis for that argument!

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