4 comments on “12 Days of Anime 2019 – I Finally Finish Sword Art Online

  1. I really enjoyed SAO (well, except the whole “forced to play damsel in distress,” which, as you charitably say, was creepy). So you’d expect me to take issue with your characterization, wouldn’t you?

    Except I can’t. Episodes 1 to 3 (with 3 being the highpoint, at least in my opinion) seemed to be a different series. I still enjoyed it. I still maintain that it doesn’t deserve the hate people pile on it.

    But I have to agree with every point you made.

    And as much as I liked SAO, how much better could it have been?

    That’s almost heart-breaking to consider!

    What do you think of the Underworld arc? Any better from your perspective?

    • Though I was/continue to be critical towards SAO, I’ll say this much of it: I was never bored while watching it. Save for the scenes where Asuna was assaulted, I always had fun watching it. I wonder why? I guess I always saw it as good, dumb fun (its flaws only adding to that sense).

      I’ve only watched the first season of SAO. I was under the impression that the series only went downhill from there, so I didn’t feel the need to continue. Though I’d be interested to hear what your thoughts on that are…?

  2. “Though I’d be interested to hear what your thoughts on that are…?”

    Thanks for asking!

    I enjoyed the Gun Gale Online arc quite a lot. It’s mostly because Sinon is probably my favorite SAO character. I identify a lot with her on a meta level. She’s a strong character, consistently stronger than Asuna (who I don’t hate at all), though as with any female character within a light year of Kirito, he has to save her at least once.

    Mother’s Rosario arc was really something. It gave Asuna a chance to reclaim some of her strength and independence, and it had some genuinely emotional moments, especially at the end.

    Alicization? Karandi on 100 Word Anime reviewed the first cour, and I think she nailed it. It was often enjoyable, but I can’t point to it and say any particular part was great. The second cour (Underworld) is a completely different matter. There’re some seriously good moments in it.

    Mostly, it’s like you said — it’s fun to watch even when it’s not great (with the exception you noted — and I heartily agree!).

    • Thanks for your input! Maybe I’ll give Gun Gale a go. It’d be interesting to see how the franchise’s treatment of Sinon differs from its treatment of Asuna!

      All in all, I don’t think SAO deserves -all- of the hate it receives, but I don’t think it’s the ‘saviour of anime’, either…

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