4 comments on “My Top 30 Anime List Is Live!

  1. You’ve listed some seriously powerful titles there!

    I’ve managed to miss some of the titles (even one of your top 10!), so looks like I have some more viewing to do.

    Your #1 (I won’t name it to entice others to go view the list!) was an exceptional series, wasn’t it?

    And you included XXXHOLiC! i wish more folks appreciated that series.

    • I’d love to see a list of your favourites sometime!

      There are a lot of shows, like XXXHOLiC, on my list that don’t get enough recognition! That’s why I’ll talk about them any chance I get! Ha, ha!

      • I’ve started a list that presents my favorites. I only publish one or two a year; I want to be sure they’re my favorites. Sometimes, just after watching a show, there’s an afterglow that makes it seem more enjoyable than it was. The Caw of Fame on my site is a start of that list.

        I’d have to say Re:CREATORS is my favorite. It’s what I would write if I were more skilled. And had a bigger imagination.

        Don’t get me started on the soundtrack…

        Re:ZERO’s up there, and so is Beyond the Boundary.

        Two other shows that stick out are Chrome Shelled Regios and Shikabane Hime. Both for different reasons; both are dear to me.

        XXXHOLiC is up there, too. It’s filled with such profound beauty! You start with Yuuko’s almost “normal” beauty, which humans can grasp. Then you get supernaturally beautiful like Zashiki-Warashi, who might be my all time favorite character like ever.

        Except for Meteora. And maybe Magane (both from Re:CREATORS).

        These favorite lists are a lot of fun — thanks for publishing yours!

      • I’ve not seen Re:CREATORS or Chrome Shelled Regios, but now I’m gonna have to! Re:Zero didn’t wow me (isekai, even good isekai like this one, just doesn’t do it for me), I remember liking Shikabane Hime, back in the day, and I loved Beyond the Boundary… I’m definitely going to check out your Caw of Fame list. From what I can tell, our tastes differ somewhat, but I’m always up for trying something new (you’ve got to be when you’ve been an anime fan for as long as I have)!

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