6 comments on “Character Spotlight: Haruka Inokuma

  1. Yes, this is how I feel too. Haruka is just so good and powerful in her own right. I’m so proud of her and finding the motivation to win at Karuta again. I also love how supportive her husband is and babysitting the kids while she goes after this again.

    • I’m so glad that Haruka beat Megumi in their karuta matches! Probably because I’m starting to get older myself, I’m increasingly eager to see wisdom and experience triumph over youth and enthusiasm! Ha, ha!

      And, yes, her husband is awesome! I don’t think we’ve heard him complain (even once) about the time Haruka spends away from home.

  2. Haruka has been one of my favorite characters for exactly the reasons you’ve explained. I do wish she got to know Chihaya more (and wished Chihaya didn’t fall asleep right after the match, why Chihaya, why), but I’m glad she’s appeared more as the anime has gone on.

    • It’s actually surprising (in a good way) just how much screen-time they’ve given to Haruka (and Dr. Harada – also an older character)! I feel like the show is saying that, just because you’re getting on in years, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything to offer. It’s uplifting and encouraging!

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