7 comments on “The Real Neat Blog Award 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. “My college friends and I almost formed a board games club once.”

    Me and some friends formed a RPG club (informal, as all clubs were) my senior year. (1980-81, back when RPG’s were where the fringies and the weirdos hung out.) My next-to-youngest brother graduated from the same school in 1988 – and was president of the club *his* junior year.

  2. “This is actually the third time that I’ve been nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award, so, hey, maybe I should stop doubting my blog and my writing capabilities quite as much? ”

    That’s a good idea! 🙂

    Thanks for the nomination! You’ve given us some interesting questions, too!

    Gotta agree with you about Blood+. Hyde’s OP (Season’s Call) was fantastic!

    • I’m still chronically unsure of myself when it comes to my writing! I know I ought not to, but I struggle when it comes to comparing myself to other people!

      You’re welcome! And I haven’t forgotten that you tagged me in another post. I will get ’round to replying, I promise!

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