3 comments on “Ty’s Hidden Gems Series – Astra Lost in Space

  1. I really enjoyed Astra and I loved that the journey had a clear and distinct end (and so did the series as a whole). I wasn’t quite the fan of the use of cliff-hangers, though I did like that each step in the journey felt resolved before moving onto the next part, with the overarching mystery tying it all together. Really fun series to watch.

  2. According to ANN, Saori Hayami performed the insert songs for episodes 4 and 12.

    As for Astra itself, I enjoyed it because I tried the manga first (but still, I didn’t even notice some things until I watched the first episode twice).

  3. I love this series. I mean, LOVE it. I read the manga a few weeks ago, got to volume 4, immediately went to volume 5…and then binged the anime in a day. I have tiny regrets (probably some adult stuff I needed to take care of, but, welp!). Simply put, everything you described about the series (though thankfully I did not have to worry about cliffhangers heh) is correct, and is up there as one of my favorite titles of all time.

    Can’t stop thinking about how good (and smart) the twists were. It all made sense.

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