Azusa wallpaper 02Hey, my name’s Ty- or Ty-chama- and I am the writer of this (rather fabulous) blog. My primary focus is on anime, writing reviews and discussions based on the stuff, though I also occasionally write about the other things that interest me, cartoons, and video games, and the like, because it’s my blog, and I make the rules!

A little bit about myself: I’m a 19 year old, English, female university student. I study forensic psychology, aspiring to enter into the police force sometime in the future, and during my ‘me-time’ I watch anime, read books, play video-games, and hang out with my friends playing card games in the pub (it’s serious business).

An abridged history: I first encountered anime after finishing Avatar: The Last Airbender the summer of 08. It felt as though the show had left a gaping hole in my life, a hole I decided to plug up with, (on the recommendation of a friend) a show called Death Note. I was immediately hooked. However, I still consider Naruto, which followed soon after, my first love. Up until spring 09 my viewing was erratic which is why, when asked, I always say it was this point I first considered myself to be a true fan of anime.

Despite all the generic twaddle I watch, I never stop picking up new shows- it’s quite a depressing predicament I’ve found myself in, continually trying to fill the shoes of some other show by starting new ones every couple of weeks. I’m like a drug addict; forever trying to get that same buzz they got when they first started by trying new, harder drugs.

So why start a blog? I’m usually quite meek in real life, but plonk me down in front of a keyboard, and I become a whole different person. Call me strange, but I’m only able to properly express myself in the written medium. Inspired by other bloggers, I decided I too wanted to share my views on anime in my preferred medium, have interesting, insightful discussions, meet new, like-minded viewers, but, most importantly, have some fun! As for what I can bring to the table, I was hoping that, as a female blogger, and a feminist, I’d be able to write some very interesting analyses of shows, given many are orientated at what makes up the majority of the anime-watching population, men.

I’ve only been around a year, so I’m still working out the kinks, but I hope you enjoy Watashi wa bucho as it is now!


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