13 comments on “Why I Still Love Anime – a Community-Wide Project

  1. Sometimes when you watch anime you don’t realize how much you are actually learning. There are aspects of culture that I have picked up that you don’t think about. Like how students clean the classrooms or even keeping your shoes at the entrance. Also trading ties at graduation. Those things that appear in many anime that you don’t even notice but they are still such a great nod to the culture.
    Even from how people go to the temple.
    You are so right it really does expose us to things that we may not get a chance to see or learn about otherwise. I would LOVE to go and visit Japan someday but for now I get to see the scenery that they create and see a bit of the rich culture. Great post and I will be thinking hard about this one!

    • I think it’s so important to recognise that the way you think and act isn’t how everybody thinks and acts – and that’s OK! Immersing yourself in the art (music, anime, literature, etc.) of other countries and cultures is a great way to do just that!

      I’m saving all of my pennies to visit Japan in a few years. I’m desperate to visit the Ghibli Theme Park that’s scheduled to open 2023!

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  3. How come I keep liking this post… I think I over click things. Inn any case this is fantastic – one of the best tags I’ve seen lately. Can’t wait it give it a go

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