7 comments on “30 Days of Anime – #16 the Anime That I Think Has the Best Animation

  1. The first time I saw the motion gear in action I was pretty much blown away by it (I think my jaw litterally dropped on the floor lol😂) I definitely agree that this anime has got a seriously wicked animation style and I certainly think it’s one of the best out there too.
    For me (at least up till now that is) Violet Evergarden has so far been the anime that impressed me the most when it comes to the best animation. It’s such an incredibly beautiful world they created with that one, and the characters were absolutely amazing. So much details, that you simply something new every time that you watch it. I really enjoyed reading this post, and I had not difficulty reading it at all. Nor did I think at any point you lacked knowledge: in short this was just a great post! 😊

    • It is no exaggeration to say that the maneuver gear takes my breath away! It makes the impossible possible, is way more novel than, say, your traditional gun/sword type weapons, and has this awesome steampunk type look to it! I love it!

      I’ve been meaning to get ’round to watching Violet Evergarden for quite some time now, but I’m worried that it can’t possibly live up to the hype surrounding it!

      You know, I work extremely hard when it comes to everything I write, but I’m rarely ever satisfied with it! I can’t help but think that other people are more funny or knowledgeable, and so would do a better job of talking about the subject at hand! That’s why I’m so grateful when somebody takes the time to encourage me or to say that they enjoyed reading my posts… So thank-you!

      • Well, I am pretty new to your blog (I have just started following it since last week😊), but if this post is anything to go by, I really wouldn’t worry too much. This is truly are really well written post, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future 😀
        As for Violet…I felt the same, but this is for a change an anime that is worth the hype. It starts slow, but it really pays of to stick with it. I have literally cried my eyes out on quite a number of episodes, and for me it has so far been the best anime that I have seen all year. I highly recommend it 😊
        And you are so right about the maneuver gear. I could not agree with you more 😀😀

      • Well I’m already enjoying your patronage! You seem like a really nice guy! You know, I have a cousin in Holland who’s about your age! I’ve never met him, but I think you share the same name too!

        Alright, alright! I’ll give Violet Evergarden a go! Would you be interested to hear how I found it once I do?

      • Haha, well thank you very much, that is very kind of you to say! 😊 You are very kind yourself😉 And interesting to hear that you have a cousin living in Holland!

        I would definitely be interested in hearing what you have to say about the series! I hope you will enjoy it. As I said it starts off a bit slow, but it really pays to stick with it! Looking forward to that post if you decide to write/watch it 😊

  2. Yeah with this anime I even enjoy watching the horses run! The fight scenes with their gear are fantastic! This is one of the only shows that it really makes a difference in what definition you watch it in.

    • I think the maneuver gear, more than the titans, even, is what sets Attack on Titan apart from other action shows. It’s what keeps me coming back season after season!

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