16 comments on “Five of My Strangest Anime Crushes – the Guys

  1. Is it very horrible of me when I say that I don’t know any of these? 🙈🙈🙈 Seriously…lately I have been feeling more of an anime noob than ever lol 😂😂 They all look and sound like some seriously quirky characters though! 😂😂😂
    As for your question….I had to think for a while, but I have developed one fairly recently: Revy from Black Lagoon. She’s totally nuts if you ask me, but I still seriously like her. Don’t ask me why lol 😂😂

    • Not horrible, no. In a way, I’m kind of jealous, because you’ve got all of these awesome shows still to watch! I’d seriously recommend that you watch Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann if/when you’re able, that show is a masterpiece!

      Revy, huh? Yeah, I understand her appeal. Badass woman, killer pins!

      • Thanks for the recommendation. I’m adding it to my ever growing list of things needed to watch😅😅 Since my return I am bingewatching quite a lot of anime!
        Haha…yep that is pretty much her appeal lol 😂😂

  2. Death the Kid is a great choice. He’s such a fun character even when he’s freaking out about something fairly unimportant. And when he pulls himself together he’s just such a great fighter.

  3. I love this post idea as I think we all have a strange anime crush or two 😂 Death the Kid is a fabulous choice and I have to say he was one of my first ever anime crushes 😂 Even with his freak outs he can often turn into a total badass and I love that about him haha

  4. I’m no stranger to weird anime crushes – I’ve had crushes on everything from men who are already spoken for (the king from Royal Tutor) to anthropomorphised swords (Kashuu, Yamanbagiri and Izuminokami from Touken Ranbu) to aliens (zaShunina from Kado)! Nonetheless, lately my tastes seem to exclusively be trending towards guys with long hair, although I’ve known for a while I also generally like guys with white hair (not because they’re old but because they’re designed that way, e.g. Decim from Death Parade).

    Death the Kid is a pretty good choice, even if only because the other truly viable option is Black*Star. (I’ve always considered Soul and Maka a ship…more than the other weapon-meister groups at least…)

    • Your taste in anime guys is diverse and eclectic! What would you say’s your oddest preference?

      I don’t know that I’d agree with you there (that Death the Kid’s the only viable option). Maka’s dad’s not too bad himself! Though he’s pretty weird too!

  5. Probably zaShunina or Antarc (Houseki no Kuni), although people also look at me funny that I have Yakumo 8th (Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu) amongst my husbandos as well – I prefer the younger version of him from s1.

    Hmm…you’re right about Maka’s dad. I guess I always considered him too frivolous to be a choice.

    • No way!!! I also crushed super hard on Yakumo the 8th. Though, honestly, I don’t think that’s all that strange. He was elegant, refined, and had a voice so beautiful, it could command the attention of an entire room (especially in his youth)!

      The older I get, the more I look to the dads of anime…

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