14 comments on “Spring ’12 previews

  1. Personally, I’ll be starting: Ozuma, Hyouka (the girl standing up looks a little like Mio from K-On!), Sankarea, Natsuiro no Kiseki (why do they have Kagome’s Uniform on??) and Accel World.
    and possibly: Tasagare Otome x Amnesia (I kinda fear it because Shaft is in there), Jormungand.
    I don’t know how each will turn out as of late studios seem to take a decent idea and totally ruin it by making it 12 or 13 episodes (and not bringing back awesome shows like D. Gray-Man) but all I can do really is hope for the best out of what’s to come. I have to say though, the winter season wasn’t exactly spectacular to me.

    • Oh God, the winter season was pants- I’ve only really enjoyed Nichibros and Nisemonogatari, an all ’round disappointing season…
      Heh, you’re not starting Natsuiro and Hyouka for the girls now are you? ; )
      Your aversion to SHAFT boggles my mind, especially considering how it’s the best studio ever!
      What are you talking about? Plenty of shows can be brilliant in just 11/12/13 episodes, or have you not watched Arakawa, Angel Beats, Baccano, Eden of the East, Kino’s Journey, Kuragehime, Madoka, Spice and Wolf, Tatami Galaxy or Tokyo Magnitude?

      • I can’t even think of a winter season show its so bad!
        Ha-ha, no way! 😉
        I can say the same about your love of Shaft!
        Spice and Wolf doesn’t count as the second season doubled the episode count. 😛

  2. There are definitely a lot of shows that look like they might be good this season. I’m still deciding which shows I’ll be watching. So far I think Apollon, Tsuritama, Jormungand and possibly Hyouka are on my watch list, but I’ll save the rest of the spots for after the first episode reviews come out.

  3. Sweet preview, meaty meat. You forgot Medaka Box though!

    What I will watch:

    Medaka Box
    Kimi to Boku 2

    Eureka Seven Ao and Ozuma will most likely be picked up when finished (I think at least).

    Might pick up something more, but I want to watch some older shows instead

    • For some reason I assumed it was a sequel… My apologies…
      You may not be watching Eureka 7 Ao until it’s finished? Seriously!? I thought you were a giant fan of the Eureka 7 franchise- wouldn’t have thought you’d want to wait!
      Thinking of writing any episodic blog posts yourself yet Marow?

      • Haha, don’t worry!

        The reason for saving Ao is pretty simple. Eureka Seven was such a slow show with a great deal of character and world building, I doubt it would be fun to watch one episode per week. If Ao is anything close to this, it will be better to save it. But heck, I will probably watch it anyway, or at least the first few episodes. I wonder how many episodes there will be. 50 as last time?

        Episodic posts? Cannot. Decide. What. To. Do. >_<

      • That makes sense but, I doubt I could wait that long! Hmm, haven’t actually taken much of a look at Ao so I can’t be entirely sure. I’m not sure whether or not I’d want it to be- the main reason I enjoyed its predecessor was because of its characters and my favourite characters won’t be in it so…
        Don’t pick the same as me! That’d make us rivals… : p Shame there’s nothing SHAFT for us to fanboy/girl over this season… Actually, it’s a quiet season for all of my favourite producers…

      • Ah but, I thought you weren’t going to watch Nazo no Kanojo X? >: D

        I would, personally, like to see you cover Hyouka…

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  5. In Uchhuu Kyoudai, the dog never goes to space, that poster is stupid. It’s a very realistic story, the dog is basically his pet, that’s all.

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