13 comments on “My top 30 anime

  1. Lots of Shaft. D: And K-on! is so much better than K-on!! I think. The second season, despite being twice as long as the first, had half as many songs and they all sucked. : ‘ (
    Maybe Ed got more sunlight this time around and that’s how his hair got more blond. That’s how my hair is… >.>
    I know in a previous post you mentioned something about a scene from FMA 2009 (I don’t call it Brotherhood) sticking out in your mind. Do you have any other scenes from your favorite shows that stick out? My top favorite is a tie between When Luffy goes and knocks the shit out of one of the Celestial Dragons for trying to sale Keimi in One Piece and when Allen’s synchronization rate with his Innocence passes 100% in D. Gray-man.

    • Not enough SHAFT. Even though they’re my favourite studio, I’ve only two of their shows on this list! I feel deeply ashamed with myself…
      I wasn’t into K-ON for the music so the lack of slammin’ tunes in the second series wasn’t something that bothered me
      I have too many favourite scenes for me to include them all here, would you like it if I were to write a list of ’em and publish them on here at some point?

      • I think that’d be a great idea! It’s up to you though of course if you do it or not.

  2. Extremely solid list. Glad to see Samuai Champloo and Welcome to the N.H.K. (as well as many others)……

    Unfortunately, K-On, aka one of the top 5 worst shows ever created, should never even touch a top list.



    Replace it with InuYasha.

    • Ah, and Kuregahime is awesome we need a second season. Similar shows that are better than K-On include: Hyakko, Lucky Star, a lump of smelly poop…(all better than K-On…..ALL THEY DID WAS EAT CAKE AND DRESS UP STUPIDEST SHIT EVER).


      • I’m sorry my K-ON!! entry made you so angry, I just really enjoyed watching the girls’ antics every week. I’ve never really had a close group of girl friends so I found the dynamic between them to be both charming and fascinating.
        And the lack of Nichijou can be explained by my not having watched it yet. I’m guessing by your use of capital letters, exclamation and question marks I should watch it?

  3. Yeah, seriously why is K-ON!! here ? >.< Just kidding!
    But, OHHC should be here and Gintama should be much higher up.
    Good list anyway, liking most of your choices

  4. Really fun list and it makes me understand how much left I have to watch. Heck, your list is a good example of series that are top tier, from what I heard. 🙂
    The only case, from those I’ve seen, I disagree with is Tokyo Magnitude, as I had a hard time relating to the characters and such. To me, they were mostly dumb and annoying, so I couldn’t buy it. ^^’

    “Clannad’s humour was never its strongest point so”

    • I’m still in shock over your not having watched Baccano! or Mushishi- they’re like, classics man!
      Dumb and annoying? But, aren’t those classic traits found within most children? Yuki and Mirai are accurate representation of what most children their age are like, methinks…
      Oh, don’t get me wrong, Clannad was funny, it’s just, the funny wasn’t the aspect I enjoyed the most but, the melodrama!

    • I knew DRRR was gonna be a firm favourite only a couple of episodes in- it was so stylish in terms of its narrative and the characters so entertaining to watch. And I could sing Kuragehime’s praises until the cows come home! It was nice giving some underappreciated shows some recognition rather than simply slating bad ones for once!

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