15 comments on “Books that deserve an anime adaptation

    • I know… Makes me happy- ‘cause, by my flawed logic, that makes it one step closer to becoming an anime!
      You’re writing a novel? Wow, what genre?

  1. I’d have to go with the Temeriare series – it’s a very serious, action-filled story that still manages to have a lot of adventure and heart to it. I adore the characters and eagerly anticipate when the next book will come out! It really tackles the idea of fantasy animals living in a real world quite well, taking on very seriously what it would actually take to keep them cared-for and fed. And the politics of it all stay very historically accurate, which thrills me to no end! I think it’s a well-rounded series and one that appeal to people across the board.

    Definitely deserves an anime!

    • Wow, so far from what I’ve gathered from Wikipedia (the inaccurate font of all knowledge) the series is based on real life historical happenings, but with dragons! What a unique, if slightly bonkers, idea! I love it! Already I see a lot of potential there- there aren’t many historical anime (at least, not ones that focus on the history of a country that isn’t Japan!), much less historical anime with a fantasy element!

      Will definitely give them a read (Amazon here I come!)

      • I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! I regret I didn’t pick it up earlier when my mom checked it from the library, but even so, I’m now the proud owner of (almost) the entire series… at least, what’s been published so far! What astonished me was how well the battle scenes were written, it’s all very dynamic and well-described, but that shouldn’t surprise me since the author did game design before writing!

      • Well, thanks for bringing it to my attention! I love to read, but I’m a little lazy when it comes to what I read. I never go out to find a book, I just read the ones that are recommended to me by others- it’s nice to have someone on stand-by to discuss it with, you know?

        You know, I don’t think I’ve ever read a book and had a battle scene blow me away… I guess battles are something that’s best conveyed visually…

      • They are very good – or at least, the first three or so. The series loses some momentum later on, but that’s true of many books.

        I haven’t read UGLIES, but it sounds like it would make a good anime. I have read Scott Westerfeld’s Peeps – a very different kind of vampire story – and his Leviathan (that would make a great anime – robots, giant living airships, two plucky teens in love, one a girl disguised as a guy, all set in a sort of alternative semi-steampunk World War I….)

      • I had no idea that Scott Westerfeld had published any other books, thank-you for drawing that to my attention! Leviathan sounds amazing!! s’got the words ‘potential anime’ written all over it, huh?

  2. Ddidn’t see a mention of me in the Maximum Ride post… ;~;
    I can’t remember the name of the series, but it’s a vampire school type series with romance, fighting and stuff, it’d be akin to something like Vampire Knight. That I’d like to see adapted.

    Why’s it taking me 20 mins to post this comment? :U

    • What was I supposed to say? “Oh, and there’s this girl who also likes the books, so there!” : p

      I know the one you’re talking about! Was that series actually good then? I tend to avoid any books aimed at teenagers with vampires in it these days- it’s all Twilight-inspired, wish-fulfillment rubbish if you ask me… >.>

      Lag-y net?

  3. Richelle Read’s young adult novels – especially the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series – would also work well. Vampire Academy is probably the best written of the more popular young adult vampire genre and the mix of martial arts, romance, school drama/training, and travel (e.g., the lengthy Russian sequence) would all work well, as would the well developed mythology of three vampire races and the human alchemists.

    • You’ve made the Vampire Academy novels actually sound appealing, an achievement given that I’ve grown to despise any books aimed at teens involving vampires over recent years! So is equal emphasis placed on all the aspects of the series you mentioned?

      • I would say so. The travel aspect doesn’t kick in until the 3rd+ books with lengthy sequences in Russia (a couple of times) and other parts of the US – but the first book does have a good mix of well-imagined vampire lore, school soap opera, martial arts training, psychic training, and romance.

        The first book – Vampire Academy – starts a bit in media res but after a chapter or two things are hopping nicely. One of the characters has a mind link with her best friend, which also presents a nice spin on narrative view points, as she can periodically see into her friend’s head but not the other way around.

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